You Finished The Damn Book, Now What?

If you’re like me writing and then finishing my damn book was a dream come true.  Talking about my book?  Well, that used to be a bloody nightmare.  I’d twist myself into a pretzel trying to edit and re-edit the words that came tumbling out of my mouth.  What can I say? I’m a writer, I love that backspace key.  Pitching to an agent however, helped me refine and polish my splutters.

If you prepare and practice, pitching will give you more than just an eight minute sit down with an agent. Pitching will help you…

  • Trim down the description of your story to its juiciest parts. These delicious tidbits can be incorporated into query letters, synopses, blog posts, elevator speeches, and so on.
  • Speak with ease, clarity, and gusto about your story. Capture the interest of not only agents, but fellow writers, potentials fans, family and friends who wonder what you’ve been up to all this time, and maybe that poor slob who is waiting in line next to you at the DMV.
  • Leap out of the slush pile. Sitting face-to-face with an agent is a golden opportunity to get your story heard by people in the industry.  You will gain feedback and insight from a pitch and (fingers crossed) an invitation to send pages—your next thrilling step on the path to publication.

Is your manuscript ready to pitch?  Agents, Ann Byle and Carly Watters will be taking pitch appointments at Write on the Red Cedar, January 22-23, 2016.  If you’ve never pitched before, or you have pitched but made a few rookie mistakes—like babbling nonsensically about an unfinished manuscript or speaking like a robot from a memorized script—not to worry! The whiz bang team at Capital City Writers Association has got you covered.  Join us on Thursday, December 3rd for Pitch Perfect: An Interactive Lesson on Hitting the Right Notes with Agents.  In the meantime, don’t delay.  Register for WOTRC 2016 and sign up for an agent appointment.