Five Reasons Why You Should Attend Write on the Red Cedar 2016


As Vice President of the Capital City Writers Association, I have the joy of running the Finish The Damn Book (FTDB) program. This is an interactive program with both virtual and in-person participation options where we help writers finish manuscripts and get published. Yes, published! Write on the Red Cedar is the annual kickoff to FTDB, so selfishly I want you to attend to be a part of the excitement right at the start. However, I also want to share some other reasons why you should attend.

  1. You can learn from published authors, including New York Times Bestseller Bob Mayer, in a fairly intimate setting. We have right-sized this conference so you don’t feel like a speck on the page.
  2. You get to pitch to agents and have in-person manuscript reviews if you still have a work in progress. Therefore, we offer you a convenient gateway to potentially getting published.
  3. You get to meet writers from all genres and form friendships which will last beyond conference. Writing is lonely, but it does not have to be.
  4. You get to have some fun along the way. Our sessions are interactive, and we build some social events into your day, including allowing you to network with presenters, agents, and editors.
  5. You will build your professional standing and credentials by being a part of the conference. Writing is a business, and CCWA runs a top shelf conference in support of your professional growth.

Register today, and jump-start your writing dream!