Reasons to Renew Your CCWA Membership (or Join us for the First Time)

Happy birthday to us!

Next month, Capital City Writers Association will celebrate our second anniversary. It’s hard to believe it has only been two years since a small group of professional writers got together at Schuler Books one cold Saturday morning to brainstorm ideas for a creating a writing association in the Lansing area.

From that first meeting, we’ve grown to more than 90 members. Our writers have started books and finished books, published novels and articles, won awards. We’ve hosted two conferences, welcomed agents and editors, and have created new opportunities for the many talented writers in our area.

You’re all invited to join us for a night of fun and friendship at our birthday bash on April 16 at Claddagh Irish Pub. The party starts at 7 p.m., and you can RSVP here.

It’s an important date in our calendar for another reason, too. It’s also our annual membership renewal time! In case you were on the fence about whether to renew your membership or join for the first time, here are some reasons:

We understand the voices in your head.

Writing friends make the best friends. Who else in your life could possibly understand why you care passionately about people who live only in your mind, who sometimes argue with you, and whose lives sometimes occupy more of your thoughts than your own?

Our programs really do work.

One of our favorite things to hear from members is that joining CCWA was the kick in the pants they needed to finally start living their writing dreams, whether it was to start their first book or to finish something they’ve been working on for years. Our Finish the Damn Book program offers free monthly workshops, free access to online advice and networking, and the chance to win prizes as an incentive for reaching “The End.” Along the way, we offer regular learning opportunities to help you understand both the craft and career side of the writing life.

We all need a cheerleading squad.

There’s nothing better when we’re faced with a blank screen and a blinking cursor than to jump onto the CCWA Facebook page and find an entire community of other writers who will encourage us to keep at it. We’re all better when we’re part of a nurturing community that gets the process and wants to help us succeed.

Want to join or renew your membership? Click here.  You can also renew or join in person at our anniversary party.

Thanks for being part of our wonderful community of writers!