Diana Stout on Relationships

On February 14, 2015, CCWA will be presenting a workshop on Writing about Relationships: The Tricky Bits. Diana Stout, author and writing professor, will be presenting on “Character Motivation & Conflict: How Does It All Drive Plot?” In advance of the presentation, we asked Diana a few questions about writing relationships:

What do you find most difficult when writing about relationships and intimacy between characters?

Diana: Finding new ways to describe.

Do you create a backstory for each secondary character that involves how they relate to and feel about the protagonist?

Diana: Yes, my characters each write a journal that is generally four or more pages, which involves telling me everything they want me to know about themselves, even their deepest darkest secrets, which often is a revelation to them, as well.  Through these journal writings, their voice comes alive.

How is writing a love relationship between hero and heroine different than other types of relationships?

Actually writing about a love relationship is no different than writing about a hate relationship, one of fear, etc.  It’s all about digging down deep beneath the physical happenings and individual thoughts.

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Diana headshot in office March 2014Diana Stout, Ph.D., MFA , (Diana Fox) is a writer and English professor, who became addicted to relationships with her first readings of Gone With the Wind, The Uninvited, and Forever Amber while in high school.  Today her favorite romances are classic, timeless tales of Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, and various contemporary authors, including Nicholas Sparks.

She has published three romances, two of which are on Amazon (Tomorrow’s Wishes & New Beginnings), with the third on Smashwords.com (Determined Hearts).  She has been both a magazine and newspaper columnist, has optioned a screenplay, had two short plays produced in New York, and has published numerous poems, short stories, and articles.

Currently at work on a medieval book, she is returning to screenwriting, which is her true passion.  In her spare time, she is a reviewer for the Queen City Writers journal published by the University of Cincinnati, judges screenplays, and is blogging a book about her intuitive and mystic adventures, Into the Core (dianastout.net) and blogs about her writing at Only for the Brave (wryterinwonderland.com) and is both an administrator and teacher at Davenport University.